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The Posher The Car, The More Arrogant The Driver?

It is a driving habit guaranteed to enrage even the most docile motorist, but these supercar owners show such bad bay parking they have been exposed on an internet gallery of shame.

Whether it's parking across multiple spaces, double yellow lines or disabled bays, mega-rich motorists have had their appalling parking revealed.

The drivers may escape punishment from the authorities, but their flagrant disregard for road rules has been shared by internet users branding them 'selfish and inconsiderate'.

There are more than 6,000 posts on the 'Bad Parking' thread of the Pistonheads website - a forum where car fans exchange views on the latest motoring news.

In one picture a Rolls Royce Oracle is seen parked diagonally across two spaces in a packed underground Waitrose car park. Another picture, one of many involving high-powered, expensive supercars, shows a second single-minded Rolls Royce driver taking up nearly FOUR spaces.

Motorists in Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys are all being shamed by users who have photographed them in the act. Many of the pictures show arrogant motorists shamelessly parking in disabled bays - often extremely badly.

One owner of a Ferrari 355 clearly dosn't have the parking ability to match his bank balance, as his yellow supercar is lazily left taking up just a quarter of a disabled parking space.

Motorists on the Pistonheads website have laid into the 'selfish' supercar owners who park across disabled bays and on double yellow lines. One member, going by the name Goldmember1, said: 'It seems if you are so rich you can park how you like.'

Another member added: 'The inconsiderate one straddles his steed across multiple parking spaces, thinking for some unknown reason that he/she is far more important than anyone else.'

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